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Naz and Matt Foundation provides support to LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning or intersex) individuals who have experienced mental, emotional or physical abuse from their religious or culturally conservative family.

Lack of acceptance and understanding from their parents is the number one reason for this abuse. 

This can often lead to long term mental health challenges, and sadly in some cases, like with my fiancé Naz, this may lead to suicide.  

30th July 2022 - #OutAndProudParentsDay is returning!

This year will be our fourth #OutAndProudParentsDay - an annual day in the calendar where we encourage proud parents of LGBTQI+ children, to come out publicly to their family, to their community and to tell the world how much they love and accept their children.

Last year a large and growing number of parents came out in public to share their photos, videos and stories. Proud parents who have helped other parents learn how accept their children too.

In 2021 the one day celebration reached nearly 1.7 million people with parents from around the world taking part.  

We need your help

This year we'd love for even more parents to take part, to help inspire an even greater number of parents. And for this we need your help. 

We would love to speak to proud parents of LGBTQI+ individuals who are from a faith or religious backgrounds. Proud parents who are willing to participate in campaigns, videos or to share their stories to help other parents who are currently struggling to understand or accept their children's sexuality or gender identity. 

Together we can make a huge, positive difference. 

Thank you 
Matt x

Founder and Chair
Naz and Matt Foundation


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